Response to ad

By Bonnie Cannon

With the release of John’s statement, I wanted to take a minute to fill you in on what has been happening out here in Colorado.

I have been amazed at the effect the survey has had on other candidates. Several candidates have called and/or emailed me asking to fill out the survey or to tell me they have mailed in the form. This includes some who flat-out refused to fill it out before. Incumbents have also taken notice. Both CO C4L and I are being treated with much more respect now, instead of being written off as far-out “Ron Paulers” (which I proudly am!). 

In speaking with Ken Buck last year, I found that he has been “educated” into a complete 180 regarding the Federal Reserve, and he is actively calling out Bennet to co-sponsor S. 604. Yesterday, he also chastised Bennet for his “yes” vote to confirm Bernanke for a second term. With his stance on the war, he is not perfect, but I have learned that he is teachable! He has also been working with three main C4L organizers in CO to learn about what we stand for, and he has read several of Ron Paul’s books (The Revolution twice).

Yes, the commercial should have been different, but the survey has already had a great impact out here in CO, and I’m looking forward to continuing to hold politicians accountable for where they stand on our issues.

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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