Santa Claus versus God

By Dark Politricks

This is a good video that discusses the similarities between God and Santa Claus. Most kids at an early age are able to see through the vast global conspiracy that kept Father Christmas alive, seeing through their parents lies, the post office keeping their letters addressed to the North Pole and ignoring the fake grottoes in the local shopping center.

The similarity between this fairy tale and the belief in an almighty powerful god is striking but it seems whereas most people can overcome the Santa conspiracy the God story has much more of a hold over certain peoples lives. I personally reckon this has a lot do with people wanting to believe in God as live after death and the possibility of a miracle to get you out of tight hole is much more appealing than some presents once a year. Add to that the propaganda machine and the millions of otherwise logical and seemingly sane people of all ages that still believe in the God of the bible and its a much harder conspiracy to overcome.


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