People and Power – Breeding Extremism

By Dark Politricks

The following video is a documentary shown on Al-Jazeera which looks at the links between the corrupt and totalitarian central Asian states and the growing numbers of disaffected and discriminated Muslims that are being convicted for spurious offences under the guise of fighting the war on terror and who are coming out of prison as radicalised Islamic fighters.

These are the same central Asian states that are are allies in the war on terror and in which we are building numerous military bases to help prop up these despicable rulers. In any other world in which normal rules of morality and logic apply we would not be supporting dictators who torture and mistreat their populations just because they offer cheap land for air bases or access to oil.

However we all know that the world of realpolitik means alliances are not that simple. Any 3rd world dictators should be aware that the USA & UK are very likely to turn on you just like we did to Saddam Hussein who was another iron fist we armed and help maintain power until we ran out of use for him. This is the flip-side of realpolitik, an ally today is our enemy tomorrow.


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