Obama pledges to continue fighting

By Matt Hawes

Via CNN:

Offering his most extensive public comments about the election debacle in Massachusetts, President Obama acknowledged that he’s taking some lumps but also trying to cast himself as a populist who will “never stop fighting” to bring health care reform and jobs to communities like this hard-hit manufacturing area outside Cleveland.

“Let me tell you, so long as I have the privilege of serving as your president, I’ll never stop fighting for you,” Obama said at the beginning of a town hall meeting with voters Friday. “I’ll take my lumps, too. I’ll never stop fighting to bring jobs back to Elyria. I’ll never stop fighting for an economy where hard work is rewarded, where responsibility is honored, where accountability is upheld, where we’re creating the jobs of tomorrow.”…

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If the White House wishes to continue pursuing health care, that quote may have to be shortened to, “I’ll never stop fighting you,” with the release of a new Rasmussen Reports survey showing that 58% of Americans oppose the plan currently before Congress.

Here’s an idea, Mr. President.  Let’s take just one plank from the Operation Health Freedom platform: legalize insurance competition across state lines.  It would be the first legitimate use of the Commerce Clause power in quite some time, and the ensuing competition would bring a drop in prices and a repackaging of plans to better suit consumers.

One little fix.  One big impact for freedom.

Then again, that would be actually fighting for the people instead of trying to dictate the course of their lives.  It would be real change, and we just can’t have that.

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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