Labour is dreaming up 33 new crimes a month… including barring you from swimming into the Titanic

James Slack
UK Daily Mail
Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Labour has created 4,300 new crimes since taking power – including a ban on swimming in the wreck of the Titanic and on the sale of game birds shot on a Sunday.

Gordon Brown has been the worst offender in this unprecedented ‘legislative splurge’, with his Government creating new offences at the rate of 33 a month.

Under Tony Blair, Labour invented 27 new ways of criminalising the public every month.

The ‘crimes’ range from swimming in the hull of the Titanic without the permission of a Cabinet Minister to ‘disturbing a pack of eggs’ when instructed not to by an authorised officer.

In total, between 1997 and 2009, 4,289 new criminal offences were created – approximately one for every day ministers have been in office. It is twice the rate at which new crimes were created under the last Tory administration.

View the original article at UK Daily Mail


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