Brown Election Victory A Direct Response To Obama’s Broken Promises

Brown Election Victory A Direct Response To Obamas Broken Promises 200110Obama

Corporate media attempts to spin grassroots voters as right wing reactionaries

Steve Watson
Wednesday, Jan 20, 2010

Scott Brown’s election victory in Massachusetts represents a direct response to the false promises of hope and change made by president Barack Obama and could pave the way for meaningful change in 2012.

Brown took the late Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to become the first Republican senator elected from Massachusetts since 1972.

Brown could now provide the telling vote to prevent the Democratic-led health care plan from progressing, a fact that did not escape voters who vented their anger at what they now see as a year of broken promises and let downs.

Voters noted that health care and a more general backlash against the Obama Administration were key factors in the vote:

“It’s too much government control. I do not want taxes to go up.” One voter said of the health care reform.

Another voter hit out at Obama: “When people say ‘change’ there should be something behind it. Obama made a lot of promises of ‘change’ but I don’t think it meant anything.”

“I really thought when Obama got in he would be more for the working class people,” another voter commented. “He’s not doing much right now. He’s dragging his feet. He has got a lot going on with the wars.”

Brown Election Victory A Direct Response To Obamas Broken Promises FOTR 340x1692

Brown’s own public statements that he does not think his victory was a referendum on Obama have been pounced on by the corporate media who are attempting to spin a core grassroots victory and portray it as a right wing kneejerk reaction.

Independent news guru Matt Drudge has already suggested that Brown should run for president, perhaps getting ahead of himself, but playing on the overriding indication that the grassroots is ready to strike back with their votes in the midterms and in 2012.

Brown will now finish Kennedy’s unexpired term, facing re-election in 2012.

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