Angry Pachauri threatens to sue Daily Telegraph
Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

It is an all-out war of words between IPCC chief RK Pachauri and UK newspaper The Sunday Telegraph. A day after the newspaper published a stinging article calling Pachauri a hypocrite, the TERI chairman has hit right back. Pachauri, who is the chief of the UN panel on climate change, has accused Telegraph of carrying out “a sustained vendetta” against him.

In a letter addressed to the editor of the Sunday Telegraph, Pachauri said he does not receive any payment, honoraria or compensation for work done for the IPCC, adding that his association with various organisations are limited to providing advice on sustainable energy.

Pachuari has asked the newspaper to publish his letter within a week hinting that if they do not do so, he might pursue legal action.

Soon after RK Pachauri sent out this letter, Dr Richard North – the journalist who co-authored the article on Pachauri appeared on the NEWSHOUR and defended his article, saying that there’s absolutely no inaccuracy in what has been said.

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