Prof. Westley on Airport Security VS Airport Stripsearch

By hash3m

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Speaking critically of the government’s conspicuous capacity to fumble all manner of important situations they claim charge over, specifically airline security, Ron Paul said in a C4L video 3 weeks ago, “I’m convinced that one of the main problems we have is that we’ve turned over a very important function to the government. The government isn’t capable of doing what they’re supposed to do.” This week a professor of economics at JSU and adjunct scholar of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute Christopher Westley picks up where Dr. Paul left off.

In his article for the institute, The Right to See You Naked, Prof. Westley further scrutinizes the topic of government-subsidized full-body imaging machines recently proposed under the banner of improving airport security. He wonders whether the airlines could handle security better if the government simply got out of the way, essentially reinforcing Dr. Paul’s position from the interview mentioned above. In his own words, “How about rechampioning the long-lost freedom of association, which would have given private firms like Northwest Airlines the incentive to reject passengers on the basis of whatever metric they deem appropriate?” And, “The total state claims the right to see you naked. A freer people would demand an end to such nonsense and the policies that perpetuate it.”

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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