How to Help Haiti

I just donated to the International Medical Corps.

IMC was in Haiti within hours of the earthquake, and has a strong history helping out in previous disasters like the 2005 Pakistan earthquake and the 2009 earthquake in Sumatra.

Unlike some groups that spend much of your donations on administrative costs, the lion’s share of the donations to IMC actually go towards relief. And the group focuses on what is really needed, like food, water filtration supplies, etc.

To donate to relief efforts in Haiti, call 800-481-4462 (24 hours) or click here.

Note: There is much to be written about how the U.S. helped make Haiti so poor that its buildings were substandard, and how better buildings and better infrastructure would have helped the people survive better in an earthquake. There is much to be written about how the U.S. launched a coup against the democratically-elected president of Haiti, and helped plunge the country into instability.

But first things first. Let’s help the Haitian people to survive this tragedy.

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