US wants “obedient servants of the state” – Ron Paul

Russia Today
Thursday, January 14th, 2010

“The greatest threat to a government is people who think for themselves,” believes US Congressman Ron Paul.

“If you condition people to everyday, all day, depend on the government to do their thinking for them – they will become more obedient.”


Paul said the billions of dollars spent by the American government on intelligence could not prevent the recent terror attempt in US skies.

“I think the responsibility has fallen on the $75 billion bureaucracy that has 16 agencies that cannot co-ordinate their work,” he said. “Airlines should be responsible for who gets on their planes,” he added.

US wants “obedient servants of the state” – Ron Paul  040110banner2

According to the congressman, all the efforts of the US government to introduce new technical systems for airport passenger control, such as body scanners, are “just to make us obedient servants of the state, to teach us that they are in charge of us and to tell us what to do, that we are robots and are supposed to obey them.”

“It’s not that individuals are perfect, it’s just that governments are always imperfect, they always make mistakes and when they do – they are very painful and they hurt each and every one of us.”

Paul said that America has made an amazing shift away from traditional values while even former communist regimes are moving in the direction of a free market.

“[The economy] should be micromanaged by the people, by the consumer. In the free market the consumer is king,” Paul said. “But in the US, as in most countries in the world today, it is being micromanaged by the central government and central banks.”

Speaking about the earthquake in Haiti, Paul said, “just handing out money to Haiti is not going to solve their problems.”

According to the outspoken politician, the best thing the US could do for Haiti in the long term would be to introduce the country to sound economic policies so that they would not suffer from poverty.

Commenting on the situation in Yemen, Paul said that the US is “looking for another war” and that it is a “disastrous continuation of the foreign policy of George Bush.”

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