Swine flu: can we have our £1 billion back now, please?

James Delingpole
London Telegraph
Wednesday , January 13th, 2010

Journalist dies, oinking horribly, after failing to take Swine Flu seriously. That was the title I gave one of my first Telegraph blogs – April 27th 2009 – well aware that I was offering up a tremendous hostage to fortune. My how they would all have laughed darkly if I’d caught swine flu and died! But I didn’t, did I? And nor strangely did you.

Here are some of the comments that appeared below the blog:

Here’s a very angry science expert who signs herself Kaytie:

“James Delingpole is a dolt and…it’s well worth spending quite a bit of resource on stockpiling Tamiflu and Relenza even when the stockpiles have a shelf-life and have to be regularly replaced.”

Here’s Redking:

None of us can put a pounds and pence value on human life. Our politicians have to make that call to protect our lives.

Here’s an oh-so-clever-fellow called Quintessence:

As for the rest of you, well: it’s very different from SARS because SARS was rather difficult to catch. It’s very different from avian flu in the Far East because it is almost certainly transmissible from person to person. It’s too late to stop its global spread. However, the death rate so far appears to be about 2%, which is not (some may say unfortunately) going to make much of a dent in the grotesque human overpopulation of the biosphere. Unless it mutates into a real nasty, of course – you never know with viruses.

Full article here

Swine flu: can we have our £1 billion back now, please?  040110banner2

View the original article at Prison Planet


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