Putin Worried About Global Cooling

Wednesday , January 13th, 2010

Russia’s Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has urged power engineering specialists to fix energy failures without delays, Itar-Tass quotes him saying during a meeting with the regional development minister, Viktor Basargin, on Monday.

Putin said the country had entered the heating season on time, and “the national energy suppliers have been working practically without failures.”

However, he said, there are certain problems, and they need to be solved without any delay. Those affected do not care about statistics, he remarked.

The country, said Putin, had entered the season in a tougher environment than it was expected.

“In addition to the global warming challenges, we need to address ‘global cooling’ effects and to do so promptly,” he said.

In his opinion Russia has proved prepared for the cold weather better than many Western European countries.

“Yet, our own problems are many, too. Many are due to the breakdowns of thermal power trunk pipelines. We need to oversee the process, to promptly react in case of any failure and provide support for municipalities and regions,” Putin said.

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View the original article at Itar-Tass


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