Follow the money

By Matt Hawes

In a recent piece for the Washington Examiner, Tim Carney takes a look at how health care and drug company lobbyists are rushing to support Democrat Martha Coakley in her race to win Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat and secure the Democrats’ 60 vote supermajority in the Senate.

Really… why bother even pretending anymore that these politicians supposedly “crusading for reform” are not in the lobbyists’ pocket?

With Democrat Martha Coakley in trouble in the Massachusetts special election to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat, Democrats could lose vote No. 60 for President Obama’s health-care bill. In response, an army of lobbyists for drug companies, health insurance companies, and hospitals has teamed up to throw a high-dollar Capitol Hill fundraiser for Coakley next Tuesday night….

Read more here.  (Thanks to N.S.)

View the original article at Campaign for Liberty


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