Ron Paul On Bringing Transparency To The Federal Reserve

Tyler Durden
Zero Hedge
Monday , January 11th, 2010

In this oldie but a goodie, Ron Paul hammers home the point of why the Federal Reserve needs to finally be accountable and transparent, despite the desires of Barney Frank, Wall Street, Ben Bernanke and all the current failed system’s apparatchicks who will stop at nothing to perpetuate the broken status quo. For regular readers none of this should be news. For everyone else, this 1 hour program is a must watch. Clip courtesy of Fora TV and the Cato Institute.

Or independent chapters:

01. Introduction
02. Interest in the Federal Reserve in the 1970s
03. Bill to Open the Books at the Fed
04. Willfully Blind Regulatory Agencies
05. The Fed Is Answerable to Congress
06. Should Fed Lend Money to Private Sector?
07. Ron Paul’s Response
08. The Fed Plays Many Roles
09. Q1: The Chance for Congressman Paul’s Bill
10. Q2: More Challenges to Fed Chairman and Treasury Secretary
11. Q3: Safety Concerns
12. Q4: Why Bailouts Helped
13. Q5: Open Up Currency Competition
14. Q6: Fed Audit Will Lower Confidence
15. Q7: Money Created Out of Thin Air
TuneUp Utilities 2010

View the original article at Prison Planet


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